What is the Difference Between Therapy and Consultation? 

Therapists are trained in the use of specific therapeutic modalities to treat a range of issues, and to help people understand their problems with greater insight. Therapy is undertaken to facilitate change in clients, fostering emotional healing and growth, and therapists provide compassion and support throughout the process.

Consultation takes a different approach, offering clients a convenient path to guidance and support in the course of daily living, or during one of life’s transitions. Much like a tune-up or an oil change, consultation can be thought of as preventive maintenance: there’s nothing wrong with the car, but it still needs care to operate smoothly and efficiently, and to prevent problems in the future.

Consultation is usually shorter-term, and may often include phone sessions for ongoing support. Providing a safe and confidential space to talk with a mental health professional about your concerns, consultation provides you with answers, guidance and resources. Whether your issues have to do with family, friends or career, consultation can help you talk about them – giving you the clarity you need to address them head on.