“I had the pleasure of working closely with Karen from 2006-2008. She trained with me as an interventionist and co-facilitated multiple family intervention workshops. Karen demonstrated her natural ability to control family dynamics, and she intervened on addiction with thoughtfulness and insight. She responded well to the complex nature of family work, particularly in times of heightened crisis. I was impressed with her abilities to communicate effectively. She was firm and compassionate with families which helped ease their anxieties. Karen was able to forge a connection with the chemically addicted person which allowed for open and honest communication in the family system. “
– Kristina Wandzilak, C.A.S., BRI-IIfounder and Executive Director of Full Circle Intervention, author of The Lost Years , and media host of Addicted on TLC
” In 2010 Karen trained and collaborated with me in my private practice. Karen had an acute theoretical knowledge and practical clinical skills application for substance-related disorders, process-addictions and co-existing psychiatric symptomology. I found Karen to be an empathic and compassionate therapist who facilitated insight, healing and hope with all whom she worked.”
– Dr. Brigitte Lank, Ph.D., founder of the Lank Institute for Sexual Addiction Recovery, clinical psychologist and addictions treatment consultant
“Karen consulted with me individually and belonged to a professional consultation group I lead through my Addictions Institute from 2009 to 2010. She learned and applied a Developmental Model of Addiction and Recovery effectively in her work with adolescents struggling with addiction. Karen has a keen ability to help clients learn and use new tools for coping to replace their existing unhealthy defenses and behaviors. Karen is a sensitive, empathic therapist who believes that a positive relationship between therapist and client is critical for healing and change.”
– Dr. Stephanie Brown, Ph.D., founder of the Addictions Institute, clinical psychologist, author, researcher, teacher, consultant specializing in addiction and recovery