As a Psychotherapist who has treated adolescents for more than a decade and mother of two teens, I am growing more concerned about teen peer pressure that is driving large numbers of adolescents to make poor choices on the Internet and social media. Teen decisions impact their reputations, psychological well-being as well as their future lives.

It is important to keep in mind that the Internet is forever.

This guide will walk you through how to establish and enforce your family’s Internet and social media rules and their use of devices which provide access to networks. My recommendations will demand your time, effort and follow-through, which can be challenging for today’s busy parents.

I can say with confidence that investing upfront in creating and enforcing these rules will help you identify and prevent problems before they happen and/or erupt into full-blown disasters that cannot be erased.

This guide covers the Internet and social media “Best Practices,” which have worked successfully for other families of teens. While you may disagree with some of these suggestions, the examples provided herein will give you a place to begin setting limits around your teen’s technology time. Remember, your teen is not in charge and they want reassurance that this is the case even though their behavior may suggest otherwise. You are the grownup.