Sometimes We Just Feel Lost

Sometimes life can just feel too difficult.

It can feel like you are floating and

need direction. I can help.

You May Be Feeling Trapped

Family dynamics can feel out of control.

I understand that you need support. There is a

way of the pain. We can work through it together.

Anxiety And Depression Can Take Over

Life’s challenges can sometimes feel too overwhelming

You may feel scared and like you want to give up.

Let’s work through your pain and help you

develop strategies to cope and heal.

Relationships Can Be Difficult

It can be painful to struggle in your relationship.

The pain can effect your daily life and ability

to experience happiness. Let’s work together

to resolve your conflicts.

Parent Coaching

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It’s no secret: being a parent of a teenager can be challenging, and the transitions occurring in your home during this time can be difficult to navigate. Relationships, curfew, driving privileges, drugs and alcohol, social media, academic pressures – all of these come to the fore in the teenage years, making structure and guidance crucial. Karen has worked with teens and parents for over ten years, and knows how to coach you and your family to create a system that works. Karen will provide you with three or more sessions of parent coaching, in person or remotely, to set up the rules and guidelines for your home. You’ll be coached on how to create a new and successful framework for your family, ensuring your teen will have a strong foundation as he or she moves through adolescence and into adulthood.

Parent coaching is a unique and convenient way to get guidance, support and relief from the difficulties of raising a teenager. Your family will learn to manage effective routines with ease, and your collaboration with Karen will instill life-changing skills that will help your teen master the gifts of responsibility and independence, and take the next steps on the path to maturity.

Coached parents are stronger, calmer and more well-prepared to deal with their teenagers on a day-to-day basis. If your son or daughter has recently returned home from residential treatment,  therapeutic boarding school or wilderness program, the coaching will be specifically tailored, creating a structured environment that is conducive to your child’s long-term recovery. Post-treatment is also often an anxious time for family members, who might worry and wonder if things will ever feel normal again. Working with Karen, you will receive the individualized support you need to cope with your teen’s substance abuse or behavioral challenges.

All participants in parent coaching will receive copies of Karen’s Parent Handbooks, maps to guide you and your family along the path to a brighter, healthier future.

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