Welcome to the website of Karen Hamilton. Karen has had over a decade of experience conducting individual, conjoint, family, and group counseling with adults and teens, focusing on relationships, substance abuse, and recovery. Karen specializes in substance related disorders, adolescents, relationship issues, process addictions, and co-occurring disorders.

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Registered Addiction Specialist, Karen utilizes an integrative approach including family systems therapy, motivational enhancement therapy-cognitive behavioral therapy (METCBT), attachment theory, and the Developmental Model of Recovery defined by Stephanie Brown, Ph.D.

As a couples counselor, Karen works with couples to help them understand and resolve conflicts and improve their relationship. Karen provides counseling to give couples the tools to communicate better, negotiate differences, and problem solve. Karen believes that entering into a safe, neutral space with a caring professional can launch you into a strong, lasting couple connection.

Karen works with adults to provide one on one psychotherapy. Karen focuses on the strength and stability of the relationship between herself and the client. Karen provides warmth, empathy, patience, genuineness, honesty, and the ability to be upfront yet caring at the same time. Karen provides a confidential environment where communication is primary. Individuals are able to explore their feelings, beliefs, and behaviors to better understand themselves and others, set personal goals, and work toward desired change.

As an adolescent counselor, Karen provides individual psychotherapy for teenagers. Karen helps teens and young adults learn to embrace independence and make decisions for themselves. Karen works with adolescents to navigate depression, anxiety, peer pressure, school priorities and pressures, addiction issues, social skills, trauma, loss, grief, and anger. Karen is patient with her teen clients, and utilizes compassion and humor to create an effective therapeutic alliance. Karen draws from her vast clinical experience with teens, and is understanding and relatable. Karen facilitates the development of personal and external empathy, and guides adolescents to create and meet current and future goals.

As an addictions specialist Karen works with clients to asses, treat, and heal from substance abuse issues, co-dependency, and love addiction.

Karen is the founder of Awakenings,  Alcohol and Drug Teen and Parent support group program.